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Heirs Today is a web-based tool that provides peace of mind to its users. It is a platform that offers an affordable and reliable service that anyone can easily engage with. The website is a secure location for the storage of important information, documents, images, videos, audio messages and much more. It has been designed to take the stress and worry of letting loved ones know what and where to find key details you want and need them to know.

We believe in creating a relationship based on trust, and to be a dependable and informative service, as we think it is important to make sure those in mourning are cared for in the right way. To achieve this, our goal is to provide vital information as clearly and quickly as possible. To do this, we have to collect and process certain information.

We respect your privacy and want to ensure that what you share with us through our website is kept safe and that you understand what we collect, why we collect it and what we do with it. The following privacy statement explains what personal data Heirs Today collects from you and how it is used.

What information do we collect?
In order to deliver the services we provide, you have to register your details on Heirs Today. When you subscribe and create your account profile, we collect information relating to your name, email address, country of residence, date of birth, and the names of your heirs and their contact details. You may choose to upload additional information related to your final wishes in a range of formats, as well as other key information, to benefit your loved ones.

We may also collect specific data (called cookies) on how you use our website for the purposes of improvement and development. These cookies are used to ensure our website works properly and performs as you expect it to. From keeping you logged in to identifying your location and time zone, through to allowing us to protect and promote our services, while also improving how our website and services work and operate.

You can choose not to accept cookies by adjusting your browser settings. In doing so this may limit your ability to use the full functionality of our services. If you set your browser to block essential cookies then Heirs Today will not work for you.

Your data will not be shared with anyone other than your chosen heirs at the time of your death or at a time specified by you.

Why do we collect this data?
In order to deliver the services that you subscribe to, Heirs Today requires certain information to execute our services and to share the information you have uploaded with your nominated heirs. You can modify and update the information that we store at any time and can remove any contents you no longer wish to retain.

Do we share your data?
Any and all information and data that is shared on your profile is securely held by Heirs Today. It will not be transferred or shared with any third party for marketing or advertising purposes. We may contact you for our own marketing purposes, however, we will only do so if you have given your prior consent when subscribing. This consent can be withdrawn at any time via your privacy setting or by contacting us at prepare@heirs.today.

Third party and associated links will be visible throughout our website. By clicking on a third party link, you will be taken away from the Heirs Today website. Any personal data you provide to a third party will not be covered by our privacy policy. Heirs Today will not be held responsible for the privacy practices and content of other providers you engage with. It is important to review the privacy policies associated with any and all third parties.

When can I sign up?
To set up your profile on Heirs Today, guests to our website can sign up and create an account as long as they are18 years old or over. Unfortunately those under this age cannot set up an account.

Can I delete the data I’ve uploaded?
Yes you can. In accordance with the regulations outlined by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), you can request to have your data deleted at any time. We keep your personal data only for as long as required to manage your account and provide you with our services. All of your data will be retained by Heirs Today limited for as long as you remain a user.

Your account and all the details held within it will be deleted 12 months after a notice of death has been successfully processed against your account. Don’t worry though, as all information held on our site can be downloaded by your chosen heirs to retain any special memories or messages you wish to leave for them.

You have the right to delete your Heirs Today account at any time. Please contact us at prepare@heirs.today.

Your Rights
Privacy Policy Changes
In the event we have to make changes to our privacy policy, we will notify users as soon as possible and within a reasonable time frame. Notification of any changes to this policy will be made via the Heirs Today website and by email.

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"I love it when life gets easier. Heirs Today is the simplest way to store all the legacy information I need to pass on. Heirs Today makes it remarkably simple..."
John, London

"We use Heirs Today to record all the legacy information in one safe place. Reassuring to know our next of kin will have what they need..."
Sue, Bournemouth