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Frequently asked questions

Yes, but only after the initial 12 months after you register. Once a year has lapsed from the day you register with us, you will only be able to view the content you have uploaded. To regain editing privileges and to add to your profile, you will need to sign up to our subscription service, which provides full access to the website and editing facilities. Sign up today and for only £6.99 a year after that.

As many as you like.

Heirs are contacted by us at the time of your choosing. You have the option to choose a specific day or at the point of death, at which point we will contact your chosen Heirs.

You don’t need to tell your Heirs anything. However, we strongly request that you add a sentence to your Will that informs your executors to contact Heirs Today at prepare@heirs.today. At that point we will contact your chosen Heirs and provide access to your wishes and messages.

As part of your registration, you can upload as many videos, pictures, sound files and documents as you like. Each account is gifted with 1GB of memory, with more space available to those that need it.

It is important to keep your profile as up to date as possible so that your Heirs are informed of all the information they need. The great thing about Heirs Today is that no matter where you move to around the world, you can always access your profile.

You can list whatever information you like and add personal messages to loved ones. It is not possible to have multiple people under one profile, as the website is tailored to accommodate the wishes and information of an individual.

Heirs Today is as relevant to someone of an older generation as it is to a younger audience. There is no ideal age at which to register with us but the earlier, the better in order to ensure your loved ones are fully informed and cared for. None of us know how long we have to live, so there is no such thing as too soon when planning for the unknown.

Probate is needed in order to gain access to certain accounts and processes. It is a document that provides authority to the executor of a Will to carry out the final wishes of the deceased, as outlined in their Will. It is a potentially complex process that can take up to a year to complete. For more information, please visit gov.uk or consult a solicitor.

While we hope to remain operational indefinitely, sadly life is not that predictable and so in the event that Heirs Today should have to close its doors, we have an action plan to minimise any cause for concern. Firstly, your information will remain safe and secure. At the point of closure, the information you have saved within your profile will be sent to you (your executor and chosen heirs should you wish) in the form of a PDF. While we appreciate this would not be ideal, it would be the best option for a worst case scenario. We will of course contact you, our subscribers, before the closure of the business takes place.

No, only the subscriber can access and view the content submitted. All profiles and data is encrypted, so we can’t see anything except for the information you have given us permission to access including your name, age, sex, date of birth, address and bank details for the purposes of registering and setting up an optional subscription.

"I love it when life gets easier. Heirs Today is the simplest way to store all the legacy information I need to pass on. Heirs Today makes it remarkably simple..."
John, London

"We use Heirs Today to record all the legacy information in one safe place. Reassuring to know our next of kin will have what they need..."
Sue, Bournemouth